Hyundai I10 1. &&simg Apdot &simg &simg Petrol Timing &simg Hain Kit &&simg Apdot 009 Engine Type G4la

OUR Benefit
A.about quality
1.ahead of packing,each solution will be inspected
2..strictly in accordance to client’s requirement.
3.the parts shall be no cracks,surface are not permitted to have scratches,bumps,magnetic needle injures,concave,corrosion and other defacts.
4.trustworthy welding, engine spare elements, iveco day-to-day parts
B.about  price
one.high top quality with aggressive value
two.professional company,manufacturing facility,so,we have the  competitive price tag
send samples is alright ,pls organize the sample price and freight collected. 
C.about services
one.little quanlity orders are also accepted
two.OEM orders are welcomed.
3.print brand on the body is avaliable .
4.we have a expert quality inspection personnel to make certain the high quality of the solution
5.guarantee for our quality, Iveco engine areas, Iveco daily elements , engine parts 




C163   S288  S289

  Sprocket Sprocket Sprocket Chain Chain
Ref No Ref No S390N S645 TC-160 TC-370
S273 S444 S391 S650 TC-163 TC-371
S274 S445 S394 S651 TC-a hundred sixty five TC-372
S288 S448T S396N S688 TC-167 TC-373
S289 S449 S397 S689 TC-168 TC-374
S296 S469 S401 S700 TC-169 TC-376
S297 S475 S410 S712 TC-179 TC-380
S308T S610N S412N S713 TC-4160 TC-387
S314T S493 S414 S715 TC-202 TC-390
S321 S506 S415 S721 TC-351 TC-491
S323 S511 S420T S732 TC-354 TC-494
S331 S539 S430N S766 TC-358 TC-495
S353 S542 S-431 S774 TC-359 TC-498
S354N S612 S436 S776 TC-361 TC-499
S355 S619 S438 S793 TC-368 TC-506
  S620 S359 S632 TC-369  



Hyundai I10 1. &&simg Apdot &simg &simg Petrol Timing &simg Hain Kit &&simg Apdot 009 Engine Type G4la