Chain 06bf20 for Mechanical Loom Texile Machine

We specialize in the chains made to customers’ drawings and specification&interval Our gain is reliable quality&comma aggressive price tag&comma prompt delivery and great support&interval

CZPT merchandise include numerous transmission and conveyor chains&comma like Roller Chain&comma double pitch CZPT Chain&comma Hollow Pin Chain&comma Leaf Chain&comma Desk Prime Chain&comma Facet Bow Chain&comma Lumber Chain&comma CZPT Chain&comma Silent Chain&comma PIV Chain&comma Stainless Metal Chain&comma Nickel&sol Zinc plated Chain&comma Dacromet Chain&comma CZPT Chain&comma Steel Pintle Chain&comma Welded metal chain&comma Cast chain&comma Malleable Iron chain&comma and a lot of other types&period of time Various types of attachment are CZPT&time period

Product Description
1&rpar Attachments on a single facet
two&rpar Attachments on internal plates
3&rpar Attachments on outer plates
four&rpar Attachments on equally sides
5&rpar Straight attachments
six&rpar Crank attachments
7&rpar Pin attachments
eight&rpar Other special attachments
Transmission chain is famous for its high energy and ongoing antifatigue&semi The chain proportions fully meet the standards of ANSI and BS&period of time
In accordance to different working problems&comma it may select the chain with different coating therapy&comma this kind of as zinc plating&comma nickel plating&comma chromeplating and dacromet plating ec

Solution Description

25-one to 240-one
25-2 to 240-2
25-3 to 240-three
04BB-1 to 72B-one
04B-2 to 72B-2
04B-three to 72B-three

We offer varied sorts of roller chains&comma conveyor chains&comma transmission chains and agricultural chains and many others&period of time In accordance drawings&period

1&rpar A sequence chains&colon
A&rpar Simplex&colon 25-one – 240-1
B&rpar Duplex&colon twenty five-2 – 240-2
C&rpar Triplex&colon 25-three – 240-three
two&rpar B series chains&colon
A&rpar Simplex&colon 04B-1 – 72B-one
B&rpar Duplex&colon 05B-two – 72B-two
C&rpar Triplex&colon 05B-3 – 72B-3
3&rpar Materials&colon Stainless metal or carbon metal

4&rpar Other chains CZPT&colon Heavy-duty series roller chains&comma cottered variety short pitch precision roller chains &lparA series&rpar&comma weighty duty sequence cottered kind roller chains&comma other simplex roller chains&comma zinc plated chains&comma dacromet plated chains&comma nickel plated chains&comma anti-facet bow chains&comma aspect bow chains for pushing windows&comma aspect bow chains&comma side bow chains&comma self-lubrication roller chains&comma silent chains&comma self-tooth forming chains &lparP&interval I&time period V&period of time Chains&rpar&comma weighty-responsibility cranked-link transmission chains&comma steel chains for sewage disposal&comma oil discipline chains&comma coupling chains&comma bike chains&comma O-ring motorbike chains&comma motor system chain &lpartiming chains&rpar&comma double pitch transmission chains and double pitch transmission chain attachments&time period

Chain 06bf20 for Mechanical Loom Texile Machine