Th   Hl Type Bucket Elevator

1. Descriptions of TH / HL sort bucket elevator
TH / HL variety bucket elevator with iron chain implement to vertically transporting supplies this sort of as powder,pellet, particulate, even if with more area friction, for instance food, coal, cement, granular ore, and so on. Thelifting height is up to forty meters.TH variety bucket elevator is made and created according to JB3926-85standard, the temperature of transported materials get to up to 250°C It ought to prefer to be picked ratherthan D type traditional bucket elevator due to the fact of substantial transmission effectiveness and substantial temperatureresistance. And the ring-chain can be replaced easily by set sprocket system. By adopting automatic gravitytensioning system, that makes the chain preserve consistent pressure, so that the chain will not slip or get off .Inaddition, the automatic gravity tensioning unit can protect the transferring elements from crashing and locking whenthe hopper has been blocked.

2. TH/HL Kind Bucket CZPT CZPT Parameters

Product HL300 HL400 TH160 TH200 TH250 TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630 TH800 TH1000
Hopper sort Q S Q S Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh
Capacity(m³/h) 24 28 forty five forty seven eight 12 thirteen 22 sixteen 28 21 36 36 fifty six 45 70 sixty eight one hundred ten 87 141 141 220
Hopper width(mm) 300 400 a hundred and sixty 220 250 315 four hundred five hundred 630 800 one thousand
Hopper volume(L) 4.4 five.two ten ten.five 1.2 1.9 three.two three four.six three.seventy five 6 five.9 nine.five 9.three fifteen fourteen.6 23.six 23.three 37.5 37.6 58
Hopper length(mm) 500 600 320 400 five hundred five hundred 600 688 688 920 920
Specification of chain φ18×50 φ18×50 φ8×30 φ12×40 φ18×50 φ18×50 φ18×50 φ22×86 φ22×86 φ26×92 φ26×92
Sprocket pitch(mm) 630 630 four hundred five hundred 600 630 710 800 900 one thousand 1250
Speed(m/s) 1.4 1.four 1.twenty five 1.twenty five one.4 1.four one.four one.5 1.5 one.6 1.six
Max.Granularity(mm) 40 50 18 18 32 45 fifty five sixty five 75 85 a hundred

3. Structure Parameters
– TH Sort Single Bucket CZPT Construction Parameters

–  TH Type Two-Channel Bucket CZPT Framework Parameters

– HL Sort CZPT Composition Parameters

four. Composition drawing

– Th Kind One Bucket CZPT Outside the house Look at

– TH Kind Two-Channel Bucket CZPT Outside View

– HL Type CZPT Exterior See


Th   Hl Type Bucket Elevator