Flexible H Couplings

CZPT H-EUPEX large versatile couplings are for shaft connection of devices,they compensate for shaft misalignment,generating only low restorative forces.


The torque is carried out via elastomer flexibles, so the coupling  has normally flexible rubber homes.

The versatile inserts of the H-EUPEX coupling are subjected to compression. If the flexible inserts are irreparably destroyed, the hub parts  come into get in touch with with metallic. This “emergency operation functionality” is essential, and so forth., in the case of hearth pump drives.

The motor torque is transmitted to the hub at the travel conclude via  the shaft-hub relationship, which is mainly created as a keyway connection. The torque is transmitted to the hub on the output  side with the support of elastomer versatile inserts. The hub on the output  side further transmits the torque to the driven device or a gear  unit put in amongst. Since of the primarily compressionloaded  elastomer versatile inserts, the coupling has a progressive  torsional  stiffness.


Parts No. part1+part4

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Flexible H Couplings