MC33 Double Flex Chain

MC 33 Double Flex Chain is a detachable-type chain with a rugged, double flex design for horizontal turning and conventional articulation. It retains its pulling power around the curves with center line radii as small as 18 inches. Its wide-web top design provides more than ample carrying surface.

Available in HZPT File-Hard Promal (Duramal), MC-33 Chain is interchangeable with similar 2.500 inch chains of other manufacturers. This chain is called “5550” chain too. MC-33 Chain’s flexibility provides a wide variety of applications in dairy, bottling, and related industries. It operates in the direction of its links’ open ends on Brutaloy sprockets.

The MC33 chains are supposed for use in multistrand conveyors dealing with individual loads underneath conditions of moderate corrosion. They are usually supported in channels and are very adaptable, making it possible for fluid motion and adaptability when essential. This versatility allows them to be utilized in a range of hefty duty apps, but their main software is in the bottling business, in which they are known as on to deal with crates and fuel bottles.

Why Choose Our MC33 Double Flex Cast Iron Chains?

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