304 Conveyor Drum Motor for Belt Conveyor, Powerized Conveyor Roller for Security Screening Machines

CZPT roller CZPT 138

TM138 electric powered roller, which is renowned for its substantial efficiency, high power and easy operation, is largely utilised for belt conveying products with medium load. The successful power of the motor can reach up to 1.10kw. It is extensively used in airport luggage handling and foods processing industries. It is mostly used for the pursuing equipment:

Protection screening equipment (airports and stations)

★Packing business      ★Packaging machinery        

Electricity belt scale      ★Pharmaceutical sector

Airport baggage handling program      

Meat and poultry processing industry

Postal sorting ★Belt conveyer

Agricultural product sorting and transportation tools

CZPT roller style
It standard barrel is produced of reduced carbon steel and the surface of the completed product is coated with antirust oil.Food grade barrel is 304 stainless metal.Anti-skid threads are machined on the surface area of the regular barrel physique.


Gear push

·High alloy metal fine grinding equipment ensures extremely-low noise throughout rotation.
·Die forged aluminum gearbox


·The regular barrel is made of lower carbon steel and the floor of the completed item is coated with antirust oil.
· Anti-skid threads are machined on the surface area of the common barrel physique
·Food grade barrel is 304 stainless metal.
·Motor Oil Immersed Warmth Dissipation
·When the cable goes out, the common length of the cable is 1.2m.

Sealing Quality of electric roller

·The shaft finish adopts double sealing design and style.
·The seal protection grade of electric powered roller is IP66/sixty seven


·Before leaving the manufacturing unit, electric roller has filled the oil according to the common.
·Change the oil every single 50000 several hours of operation.


Safe procedure
Different from the traditional copy and mix of solitary program of motor reducer machine, “CZPT” electric powered roller will motor, reducer and other components assembled in a sealed container body, Only the supporting shafts at each finishes are fastened on the conveying products to make the operation of conveying tools safer. 

Help save a space
Diverse from the conventional motor travel technique (generally composed of motor, reducer, push drum, bearing seat, chain and assist), 
The electric powered roller assembles all the exterior elements in the exact same cylinder physique and travels a simple driving unit, hence decreasing transportation
And place occupied by products. 

Minimize power usage
In contrast with “CZPT” electric roller, the standard exterior drive technique straight transfers electricity from the motor to the rolling area, greatly shortening the conduction approach, improving the motor’s doing work efficiency up to 97% and conserving energy usage up to 30%. 

Guarantee reduced functioning sounds
“CZPT” electric roller is assembled with large-top quality alloy metal grinding gear, CZPTpean normal motor and rigid tolerance. 
Guarantee the higher good quality of electric powered roller and very minimal sounds when operating. The sounds worth is a lot decrease than that of electric roller
CZPT specifications. 

Easy upkeep
The electric powered roller is created to be entirely sealed so that all the main parts will not be damaged by the exterior setting in the course of operation. 
Metal gear electric roller every 5000 several hours to adjust oil, polymer gear electric roller lifetime upkeep. 
Purpose and handle
The driving block that will guide the long term gives a number of successful choices for you, variable velocity Configurations, continuous speed (not continual load at the identical time), acceleration and deceleration time regulation. 
Item Informantion
This sort of electric roller can be put in place and meet the torque requirement. It is reputable, cost-free of routine maintenance and oil-renewing, room-conserving. It can be use in many fields. 

A backstop can be put in CZPT impacting the shortest length of the barrel
Electromagnetic brakes can be set up, but the shortest duration of the barrel will be correspondingly lengthened
 Horizontal set up
Belt pace and barrel duration can be manufactured in accordance to customer needs
A variety of non-normal electrical roller can be made in accordance to client specifications
CE security certification of international authoritative institution

HX electric roller HX138-three*220V/380/50Hz


Electrical power
pole amount Gear sequence Gear ratio Nominal waiting around velocity
Rated present
Minimum cylinder duration
Minimal cylinder length weight
.25/.34 6 3 fifty eight.87 .eleven 163.15 2350 .ninety nine 315 15
53.21 .13 one hundred thirty five.10 1958
48.36 .fourteen 115.eighty five 1679
.37/.50 two 3 16.87 one.19 21.87 317 .92 305 fourteen
fifteen.33 1.32 19.forty six 282
four 3 fifty eight.87 .seventeen 150.01 2174 1.05 305 fourteen
fifty three.21 .19 133.31 1932
forty eight.36 .21 119.99 1739
37.23 .28 ninety five.98 1391
29.33 .35 seventy five.00 1087
26.51 .39 sixty six.sixty five 966
24.10 .42 sixty.03 870
eighteen.55 .55 forty eight.02 696
16.87 .60 43.75 634
15.33 .67 38.ninety two 564
eleven.80 .87 30.64 444
six three fifty eight.87 .eleven 239.98 3478 1.fifty 350 seventeen
fifty three.21 .thirteen 199.ninety six 2898
forty eight.36 .14 171.forty 2484
.fifty five/.seventy five two 3 58.87 .34 11.151 1616 one.28 305 14
53.21 .38 99.08 1436
48.36 .42 89.22 1293
37.23 .fifty four seventy one.35 1034
29.33 .69 fifty five.seventy five 808
26.fifty one .76 forty nine.fifty four 728
24.10 .84 forty four.fifty seven 646
18.55 one.10 35.67 517
two 16.87 1.twenty 32.forty five 471
fifteen.33 one.30 28.ninety one 419
11.80 one.70 22.77 330
4 3 58.87 .seventeen 222.94 3221 one.fifty seven 350 seventeen
fifty three.21 .19 198.seventeen 2872
forty eight.36 .21 178.37 2580
37.23 .27 142.sixty nine 2068
29.33 .34 111.fifty one 1616
26.51 .38 ninety nine.08 1436
24.10 .42 89.22 1293
eighteen.fifty five .fifty four 71.35 1034
two 16.87 .sixty 65.07 943
fifteen.33 .sixty five fifty seven.82 838
11.eighty .85 forty five.fifty four 660
.75/1.02 2 3 58.87 .34 152.01 2203 one.sixty three 350 seventeen
53.21 .38 one hundred thirty five.ten 1985
48.36 .forty two 121.sixty five 1763
37.23 .fifty four 97.29 1410
29.33 .69 76.04 1102
26.fifty one .76 67.55 979
24.ten .eighty four sixty.79 881
eighteen.fifty five one.ten 48.65 705
two 16.87 one.twenty 44.37 643
15.33 one.thirty 39.40 571
eleven.eighty one.68 31.05 450
four two forty eight.36 .21 243.23 3525 2.00 350 eighteen
37.23 .27 194.fifty eight 2820
29.33 .34 152.01 2203
26.fifty one .38 one hundred thirty five.10 1958
24.10 .42 121.sixty five 1763
18.55 .54 97.29 1410
3 16.87 .60 88.73 1286
15.33 .66 78.87 1143
eleven.80 .85 62.ten 900
1.10/1.50 two three forty eight.36 .41 198.37 2585 2.62 350 eighteen
37.23 .fifty four 142.69 2068
29.33 .sixty nine 111.50 1616
26.51 .seventy six ninety nine.08 1436
24.10 .84 89.22 1293
eighteen.35 one.ten seventy one.35 1034
two sixteen.87 1.20 63.sixty nine 923
fifteen.33 one.thirty fifty seven.82 838
11.eighty 1.68 45.54 660

Notice: Based mostly on the minimum fat of cylinder size, the bodyweight of electric roller increases by 2kg for each 100mm improve in cylinder size.

CZPT138 Option Desk-electrical roller/Driven roller

Component description motorized pulleys Pushed roller
Carbon metal crown cylinder 1 1
Carbon steel straight cylinder two 2
Stainless metal crown cylinder 2 2
Stainless steel straight barrel two two
Front and rear conclude caps    
Forged aluminum conclude cap two two
Stainless steel stop cap 2 2
Entrance and rear axle    
Nickel plated shaft 1 1
Carbon metal shaft 2 2
Stainless steel shaft two 2
CZPT luggage    
Black flat vulcanizate two two
White flat vulcanizate 2 2
Polyurethane flat vulcanizate two two
Single or a few-stage asynchronous motor 1  
Voltage one*220V/50Hz or 3*220V/50Hz one  
CZPT Voltage at 50Hz or 60Hz 1  
Putting in thermal protector 1  
Oil for reduced temperature surroundings two  
Edible grease 2  
Wire connector    
 Direct outgoing line 1  
Curved outlet 2  
Stainless steel elbow outlet three  
Aluminized conclude cap box two  
Stainless steel end cap box 3  
Pvc cable 1  
Minimal smoke halogen-cost-free cable 2  
Shielded Cable (Inverter) three  

Observe: 1- CZPT Assembly Selection 2- Non-CZPT Typical Selection three- Restrictive option, which shall be confirmed with the maker


304 Conveyor Drum Motor for Belt Conveyor, Powerized Conveyor Roller for Security Screening Machines